Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to transactions between Oy Raita Environment Domestic Ltd's domestic-shop.com online store (hereinafter domestic-shop.com) and its customers.

domestic-shop.com online store sells Oy Raita Environment Ltd's products and supplies to individuals of legal age (hereinafter referred to as the consumer) and to companies and organizations (hereinafter referred to as the corporate customer).

Summary of Terms:

1. The prices of the products are presented on the website of the online store. An order confirmation is always sent for the order, if you do not receive a confirmation in your email, the order has not gone through. Our customer service can help, contact us by email (helpdesk@raita.com or by calling (+358 400 912111).
2. Prices include value added tax of 24%.
3. All products are sold in accordance with the delivery content presented in the online store (and its links).
4. The delivery methods are pickup from our office (Astrakanintie 194, 05200 Rajamäki) and delivery as a postal package, by a carrier to the nearest post office or directly to the customer in mainland Finland.
If you want to order products for delivery (not pickup) to Åland, archipelago areas or abroad, first contact our customer service (helpdesk@raita.com +358 400 912 111). We confirm possible delivery methods and their costs. In these cases, you can also arrange the transport yourself, in which case the pickup from Astrakanintie 194, 05200 is free of charge.
We reserve the right to change the delivery time for reasons beyond our control.
5. The payment service provider is PayTrail Oyj
6. The product's warranty period is indicated in the product's information.
7. The purchase receipt or invoice copy must be kept for warranty or error liability purposes.
8. Products have a 14-day right of return, if the product is unused and salable.
9. Returns must be agreed in advance with our customer service, contact us by email (helpdesk@raita.com or by calling (+358 400 912111).
10. The warranty or liability for errors does not cover damage or costs resulting from incorrect installation, handling or use.
Contact us for more information if necessary by email (helpdesk@raita.com or by calling ( +358 400 912111)
1.1 When placing an order, the customer must always state:
a) consumer's name, address, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number.
b) name, contact person, e-mail address, postal address, social security number and telephone number of the business customer.

1.2 In connection with each order, the customer commits to the contract, order and delivery conditions in force at any given time, which apply to deliveries. The valid terms and conditions appear on our website.

1.3 Our customer register is confidential and we undertake not to pass on information to parties other than those mentioned in this agreement.

1.4 Communication between the parties takes place by e-mail or telephone.

1.5 The order is confirmed in the e-mail provided by the customer. The customer can change the order or cancel the order by contacting our customer service (helpdesk@raita.com +358 400 912111 ).

1.6 The binding sales contract comes into force when the customer has placed the order and it has been confirmed by email.

1.7 We reserve the right to limit the sale of products in larger batches, for example due to poor availability.

1.8 Our responsibility for poor availability of the product, official or import restrictions is always limited to canceling the transaction and possibly returning the money paid in advance.

1.9 All products we sell are sold as they are. Read the product description carefully.

1.10 If the consumer does not accept the contents of the product package, he must return the product within the 14-day right of return to our store or to a separately agreed upon location. The return applies to goods delivered to the consumer.

1.11 In clear cases of product defects, we can plead a mistake, for example if it was such an obvious error that the customer should have understood the existence of the error.

2.1 Prices include value added tax of 24%.

2.2 Delivery is free when picking up the ordered products from our collection warehouse (Astrakanintie 194, 05200 Rajamäki) at the time indicated in the order confirmation.
When delivering the order to the address indicated by the customer, the shipping cost is determined according to the size and weight of the product. The delivery cost will be notified when the order is placed before the order is accepted and sent to us.
2.3 All prices displayed online only apply to orders made via our website with a shopping cart.

2.4 The product information of all products can be seen on our homepage and in the links that open from them.

2.5 In the case of obvious errors in pricing, we are entitled to appeal to the error. If the customer should have understood the existence of an error, it is an obvious error.

Payment service provider

E-commerce payment brokerage

implemented by Pay Trail Oyj in cooperation with banks and credit institutions. The use of the service does not require registration or payment of additional payments. Pay Trail Oyj has a payment institution license granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority. All data transfer and money transactions are SSL protected, which means that no one outside can see your data.

Online payment buttons for online banks
The valid payment methods appear on our website when you place an order. The consumer can pay for the order via the Finnish bank's online payment button. The most common credit card payments are also possible.

3.1 We usually deliver our products to our customers within 2–7 business days. The delivery time is confirmed in the order confirmation. The delivery methods are pickup from our office (Astrakanintie 194, 05200 Rajamäki) and delivery as a postal package, by a carrier to the nearest post office or directly to the customer in mainland Finland.
If you want to order products for delivery (not pickup) to Åland, archipelago areas or abroad, first contact our customer service (helpdesk@raita.com +358 400 912 111). We confirm possible delivery methods and their costs. In these cases, you can also arrange the transport yourself, in which case the pickup from Astrakanintie 194, 05200 is free of charge.
We reserve the right to change the delivery time for reasons beyond our control.

3.2 The customer or an adult authorized by him must acknowledge the order as having arrived. Without a receipt, the driver cannot hand over the goods to the customer.

3.3 The delivered product must be checked immediately. The customer must report the damage during transportation within a week of receiving the delivery. Ask for instructions (helpdesk@raita.com +358 400 912111).

3.4 Consumers and business customers have the right to cancel an order. If the customer does not want to pick up or redeem the order, please inform us as soon as possible; (helpdesk@raita.com +358 400 912111).

3.5 We will respond to the customer if the goods are damaged or lost during transport.

3.6 We are in contact with the customer if the delivery of any product is delayed.

4.1 The consumer has a 14-day right of return and exchange for delivered goods (including weekends and holidays, excluding the day of delivery). The product must be returned or exchanged no later than the business day following the 14th.

4.2 The right to return only applies to unused and salable products. The customer has the right to get to know the product and try it on in the same way as he could do when buying the item in a store. The customer can also open the package to examine and try the goods without losing the right to cancel. However, he cannot use the goods.

4.3 The product packaging must be opened carefully and neatly. The consumer has the right to try the product, but not to use it without losing the right to return. The returned product must be in salable condition.

4.4 The return is free of charge for the consumer.

4.5 The day when the package is received or alternatively the date of the receipt is considered the time of purchase or collection.

4.6 Product returns are delivered:
a) in the original package (well packed) without unnecessary markings
b) accompanied by a copy of the receipt/shipment.
c) accompanied by a completed warranty and return form (you can receive a return form by e-mail if necessary).
d) no later than 14 days from the time of purchase.

4.8 When you return something, use the product's original packaging for the return. If necessary, use an additional package.

4.9 For unjustified returns, we charge the customer the costs according to the valid price list.

4.10 We will send incompletely returned packages back at the customer's expense.

4.11 The right to return a product is always product-specific, and a possible delay in the delivery of another product does not entitle you to a longer return period for the other product.

4.12 The customer has to pay the postage costs for returns made from abroad.

5.1 All products sold to consumers have a warranty of at least six months in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. A guarantee is an additional commitment voluntarily given by the seller or a previous sales step. The guarantor is responsible for ensuring that the product works for a specified period of time. The guarantee given by Oy Raita Environment Ltd is usually 12 months long.

5.2 You can see the product-specific warranty period in the product information or on our website (https//: raita.com - Oy Raita Environment Ltd).

5.3 The warranty period starts from the date on the receipt or invoice. Warranty replacement or repair of the product does not extend the product's original warranty period.

5.4 All Warranty Returns are tested first. The warranty is conditional on using the product or part in accordance with our recommendations and instructions. We can be released from warranty responsibility if we find it likely that the deterioration or breakage of the product is due to an accident or improper use of the product.

5.5. The warranty does not cover device damage caused by power outages, damage caused by improper storage of the product or neglect of cleaning, lightning damage, misuse of products or other neglect of instructions, including installation errors or physical product breakages on behalf of the customer.

5.6. If the product is electrically operated, it should always be used in accordance with electrical safety regulations.

5.7 If the product is broken due to one of the circumstances mentioned in section 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6, the product will be returned to the customer and the customer will be charged the applicable handling fee and delivery costs.

5.8 In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer must notify the guarantor of the error within a reasonable time when the buyer noticed the error or should have noticed it.

6.1 You can send us a complaint by email or letter. The complaint must be accompanied by a copy of the purchase receipt (the version sent via e-mail is also acceptable), the receipt number and the customer's account number. Incomplete or late complaints will not be processed. The processing time for complaints is usually 2-4 weeks.

6.2 It is recommended that all trade cancellations and discounts are always agreed in writing by e-mail.

Find out about consumer rights on the website of the Finnish Consumer Protection Agency - https://www.kkv.fi/en/consumer-affairs/consumer-advisory-services/.
The Consumer Agency's consumer advice telephone number is 071 873 1901, consumer legal advice tel. 010 19 4675. You can also contact your municipality's consumer adviser by calling your municipality's switchboard and asking for consumer advice.
The product I ordered is broken or damaged, what do I do?

The recipient of the delivery must check the shipment and report any externally visible damage immediately to the carrier of the goods upon receipt of the shipment. In addition, the recipient must report the damage (helpdesk@raita.com). The complaint period from receiving the product is 14 days.

If the damage is to the product or the transport package, TAKE A PHOTO OF THE DAMAGE AND THE PACKAGING and send the complaint by email to our customer service helpdesk@raita.com. Attach the picture you took to the complaint.

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