RAITA's Technology - Sustainable solutions for graywater-, biotoilet-, sewage- and waste treatment

  Our passion is to develop and manufacture environmentally friendly, sustainable products and methods for living. With our           systems, we want to leave as little carbon footprint and environmental impact as possible on our earth.

  In addition to the environmental benefits, our products are also affordable. Waste and wastewater is treated and utilized close   to where it originates. In this way, acquisition and operating costs are affordable, the systems secure, independent.

  Our activities in the field of environmental engineering began in the 1950s in Finland, working with water technology. During       the decadesour operations and areas of expertise have been refined to be leadingenvironmental technology developer,   manufacturer and expert.

  Our company is known as a reliable and respected operator. Hundreds of thousands of our products are in use, in different sized   locations in Finland and abroad.

  Our areas of expertise include biotoilets, greywater and rainwaterwater purification, wastewater treatment and composting

Biotoilets - IN, OUT

Biotoilets - PUBLIC

Graywater treatment

Sewage treatment

Composting for biowaste, sewage sludge.

Deep composting

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