AQ Biotoilet

AQBio - wc's comfort - respecting the environment

The convenience of using the wc - the environmental friendliness of the composting toilet.

AQ Biotoilet, utilizises a toilet seat for flushing and transporting waste.

The separator unit placed on top of the composting container separates liquids and solids from each other.

Solids to the composting container (excrement, papers).

Liquids (urine, rinsing water) to the waste water either directly (normal areas) or through the NP nutrient removal unit (coastal and groundwater areas).

Another option is to separate the nutrient-rich urine and use it as fertilizer on your own property.

More technical information from Raita's website!

FAQ AB Bio - look for answers here! FAQ AB Bio - look for answers here!

  • Choosing the right AQ Bio model. Which of the AQ Bio models suits us? How do you go about planning to install an AQ Bio? Do I need an official permit? Can I install the system myself? Can I get planning/construction help?
  • Environmental friendliness. How environmentally friendly is AQ Bio?
  • Care and maintain your AQ Bio. Is it laborious? What needs to be done? Acquisition and operating costs. What does the purchase cost - what does the use cost?
  • Winter use - measures for the cold season. Thermal insulation, heating? Actions after the summer season (summer cottage)?
  • Odor.Does using the toilet cause odors in the room or in the environment?Hygiene. Is AQ Bio hygienic when used and emptied?
  • Bidet shower. Can I use a bidet shower?
  • Placement of chairs/other technology. Number of places. Does the toilet seat have to be directly above the compost bin? How many toilets can be connected to Aq Bio?
  • The drain for washing and rinsing water is higher than the Aq Bio system. What can be done? Where can the NP unit be placed?
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