Biotoilet AQ200 PO

Composting biotoilet separator unit - GTIN13 6415836225482

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Toilet device IDO Glow 63

- technical information

Separator unit AQ

- dimensions (depth)510x (wirth)395x (height)590 

Composting container 200

Composting in the same container until the end of the process - often a replacement container is used. Easy to empty. The container is made of PE plastic, which is a durable material, easy to keep clean and easy to handle.

Dimensions (depth 640 - width 820 - height 800 (mm)) - weight 12 kg (if additional trolleys are needed, see below)

AQBio toilet's operation is based on composting and liquid processing.

AQBio - toilet seat for flushing and transporting waste. The separator unit separates the liquids and solids, the solids into the composting tank (feces, papers) and the liquid (urine, rinse water) into the wastewater, either directly (normal areas) or through the NP nutrient removal unit (coastal and groundwater areas). Another option is to separate, collect and utilize nutrient-rich urine as fertilizer on your own property.

To promote composting, so-called composting litter (e.g. DryMix) is used in biotoilets. The composting tank (and NP unit) is ventilated outside (drainage ventilation. 

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