BioBox graywater filters

Cleaning is based on biological microbial activity that occurs in the filter elements. With their help, the biofiltration process (biofilm) that usually works in nature in a small space is improved. Microbes in the elements remove organic matter, nutrients biologically.

BioBox filters are cleanable - they have a lifespan of 10-15 years, after which the filter pack in the unit is renewed. The lifespan of the device itself is 50-100 years! Select rigth modell - see BioBox selection guide. Our equipment selection is extensive - you can find suitable equipment for different types of objects.

Frequently asked questions - look for answers here! Frequently asked questions - look for answers here!
  • Choosing the right BioBox model. Which BioBox model is suitable for our use?  How to proceed with my wastewater treatment project?Do I need an official permit? Can I install it by myself? Can I get design / construction help through RAITA? How effectively does BioBox clean? Will it be approved for my property?
  • BioBox system maintenance. What do I need to do? Household detergents?Should so-called environmentally friendly basic substances be used? Winter use - measures for the cold season.Thermal insulation, heating? Measures after the summer season (for a summer cottage)? Where BioBox is installed? Always into the ground or is it possible over the ground also (f.ex in the gap between floor and ground)? Can it be installed inside (f.ex in the basement)? How to prevent freezing during the winter?
  • To increase the capacity of BioBox. Can BioBoxen's capacity be expanded?  Price, operating costs, equipment life. Why is the purchase of BioBox justified compared to other sewage systems?
  • Water treatment system’s (sea lake, poor quality well water for domestic use) rinsing water. Can rinsing water be lead to BioBox? Discharge of urine or liquid from the toilet with the BioBox system. Can urine or excess water from Biotoalett be led into the BioBox? Is BioBox suitable for wastewater treatment in a groundwater area?

More information on the RAITA BioBox website!

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